Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect from Stand Corrected Editing? 
Please see my selection of services here. 
For editing specifically, I will go through your manuscript using the Tracking Tool on Microsoft Word, so you can see which parts have been changed. This gives you the choice to accept or reject, keeping you in control of your work. Comments and suggestions will also be added throughout the margin to inform why certain edits have been made.  
Do you edit every single manuscript you receive?
Most of the time, yes, but if I receive a genre or style I believe is better suited for the hands of another editor I trust, I may refer it to them to ensure the best result. If this option takes place, a non-disclosure agreement form is signed before they receive the manuscript.   
I have a story idea, would you write it for me if I pay extra? 
No. Stand Corrected Editing is not a ghost writing service. 
I have used a ghostwriter to write my book, would you edit it?
Stand Corrected Editing does not generally edit manuscripts that have been written by a ghost writer. However, should you have a valid reason for hiring a ghostwriter, your manuscript may not be disregarded. Here are a few reasons that would make you an exception: 
  • You have a disability or an impairment that prevents you from writing the book yourself. 
  • You have a true story or memoir to tell, but writing it yourself is triggering and painful, e.g. novels involving abuse, victims of true crime, war or addiction. If your manuscript falls into a different category, please feel free to get in touch and it can be discussed further. 
Can you represent me or publish my work?
No. Stand Corrected Editing will not represent you or publish your work. Stand Corrected Editing will only publish the winning short stories of the Stand Corrected Short Story Competition. 
However, if you go on to publish your novel after the assistance of Stand Corrected Editing, you are entitled to free promotion and advertising to help you gain more recognition and sales. 
You look really young, what qualifications do you have?
I get this all the time - sometimes I can't even get into the cinema to watch a 15! But yes, I have a BA Honours Degree in English, various diplomas and I am currently working towards a TEFL qualification.